Become a Lash Model

Lash Models Needed!

At Jadi Lash, we’re constantly innovating and refining our lash extension techniques to provide the best services to our clients.

To help us in this mission, we’re seeking individuals who would love to become our lash models.

This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the latest in lash extension artistry at a fraction of the cost or, in some cases, completely complimentary!

Why Become a Lash Model?

  • Complimentary or Heavily Discounted Services: Receive high-quality lash extensions free or at a significantly reduced rate.
  • First Access to New Styles: Experience the latest lash extension techniques and styles before anyone else.
  • Professional Application: Your lash extensions will be applied by our skilled technicians under the supervision of experienced trainers.
  • Contribute to Education: Provide a real-world application experience and play an integral role in the training and development of lash technicians.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Open to trying new lash styles and techniques.
  • Available during our training sessions or special events.
  • Comfortable with before and after photos being used on our website, social media, and marketing materials.

How It Works:

  1. Sign Up: Fill out our Lash Model application form with your contact details and availability.
  2. Selection Process: We’ll review applications and select models based on our current needs for training, demonstrations, or portfolio updates.
  3. Appointment Details: Selected models will be contacted with all the details of their appointment, including what service they’ll be receiving, the date, time, and any preparation instructions.
  4. Enjoy Your Lash Service: Come in for your appointment and enjoy being pampered while we work our magic!

Application Process:

Ready to enhance your lashes while supporting the growth of our lash technicians? Apply now to become a lash model for Jadi Lash.

Please complete the application form with your details, and we’ll contact you if you match our current requirements.


While we aim to match your preferences with our training needs, being a lash model often means trying new styles.

We ensure all applications are tastefully done, enhancing your natural beauty.

It depends on our training and portfolio update schedule. Models can participate multiple times a year based on our needs and their previous experiences with us.

No, there is no fee to be a lash model at Jadi Lash. Being a model for us is completely complimentary, allowing you to enjoy high-quality lash extensions while contributing to our technicians’ training and development.

Become part of our journey at Jadi Lash and experience the art of lash extensions first-hand.

Your participation not only beautifies your look but also plays a crucial role in advancing the skills of our lash technicians.

Jadi Lash